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Repair Services

    We repair all brands/makes of phones which include but are not limited to BlackBerry, I phone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, I mate HTC, I Pad. Our team of repair technicians are well trained and have been with us for many years with a vast experience of electronic repairs.
    We can fix anything from a simple audio related problem such as ringers, speakers or microphones to handsets deemed "beyond economical repair" (BER) due to liquid damage or even to totally dead units. We can fix your mobile phone problems as listed below for all kinds of new and latest type of phones and all models.


  • Screen Repairs
  • Physical Damage
  • Connectivity Issues
  • Keypad Problems
  • Charging and Power Issues
  • Unlocking
  • Sound Issues
  • Cosmetic Damage
  • Software Upgrade
  • Data Transfer and Recovery

Water Damaged Phones ???

Tips & Suggestions if your phone has been water damaged:
1. Strip it down:
take battery off
take SIM card out
take memory card out
take face off if possible

2. Don't attempt to use it even if it works
3. Don't attempt to charge it (Main circuit board can be shot due to water).
4. Send it immediately for repair.

Phones sent for repair within 24-48 hours have the highest success rate of being repaired for major water/liquid damage.



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